iPay88 FAQ

iPay88 is a secured Online Payment System. iPay88 complies with PCI Data Security Standard and Malaysia Payment System Act.

How secure and trustworthy is the iPay88 system?

Based on the PCI Data Security Standard and ISO 17799:2005, iPay88 have been developed with the following security features:

  1. Antivirus software and hardware - iPay88 is protected from virus attacks by the antivirus software and hardware supplied by McAfee.

  2. Hardware firewall - iPay88 is protected from hackers and virus attacks by the hardware firewall supplied by Netscreen who is a leading security solution provider with Headquarter in United States.

  3. 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - To ensure secure communication over the Internet.

  4. Digital Signature Certificate (SHA hash function) - To ensure the data integrity and completeness during transmission on internet as well as to verify the data sender’s identification.

  5. SQL Injection Free - Exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application. The vulnerability is present when user input is either incorrectly filtered for string literal escape characters embedded in SQL statements or user input is not strongly typed and thereby unexpectedly executed.

  6. DoS Attack Prevention - To prevent attempt that makes computer resource unavailable to its intended users.

  7. Pre-determined Request & Respond URLs - Strange URL is not allowed to communicate with iPay88 system.

  8. Automated Fraud Screening - Is a tool to examines an online transaction to detect fraudulent transaction based on few key features such as Geographical IP address, Email, Bank Identification Number, etc.

  9. Fraud Monitoring - Through our analysis, iPay88 have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. iPay88 Risk Management Officer will monitor merchant online transactions during working hours. He/she will alert you when fraud suspected.