Delivery Area & Terms

Delivery Terms

Delivery charges will be incurred for delivery out of free delivery area.

We use a postcode verification system that will identify the delivery charge to the destination of your gift. If you are unable to find the postcode that you require, please call us at 016-524 6601 or send an email to and we will be able to assist you and take your order at the same time.

You can also find your postcode easily using Pos Malaysia Search Engine. Click on his LINK HERE and find your postcode by entering your state and surburb, town, city and street.

Your postcode will be verified according to your delivery address to determine the correct delivery charge. In case of any discrepancies, we will inform you of the correct amount. Your order will be suspended if there is a shortfall and will only be processed when this issue is rectified.

Delivery Area (State of Perak)

Free Delivery Area (Base on Postcode)

31400 - Bercham, Tambun, Medan Ipoh, Canning Garden

31350 - Ampang, Gunung Rapat

30010 - Jalan Kuala Kangsar

30000, 30250, 30450, 30300 - Town

31150 - Ulu Kinta, Sunway

Destination not covered in our delivery area

If you need to deliver your gift to destination not covered in our delivery area, please contact us for special deliver arrangement.
Tel: 6016-524 6601